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Apollo Pioneer - Gameplay

While finishing the “Dreaming Paths” project with the U-Tad, Jorge Míguez, with whom he had previously worked, contacted me again and invited me to participate in his final degree project in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidade da Coruña, a video game futuristic cut under UDK set in a space station.

To work with Jorge, to remove the thorn from the previous unfinished project, to participate again in a project linked to an educational center in the communications sector and above all at UDK? When we start?

They wanted me to take care of the sound effects and in any case achieve a certain setting.

So my tasks were focused on sound design:

- Carry out an investigation and study of references.
- Design audio Assets in UDK.
- Record sounds and voices from NPCs for use in the project.
- Edit audio.
- Create sound environments using UDK middleware possibilities.
- Integrate the assets in the project (done together)
- Integrate Ambient Zones as part of the overall game design.
- Prepare documentation on the sound design of the game.
- Plan and record progress in sound production using an Audio Asset List.
- Hold regular meetings with team members to report progress and discuss planning.

The project was developed throughout the academic year 2014/2015, from September to June in a well-planned way, with time to create, test and integrate each of the assets produced in the project.

I was already working with this engine in “El Ciclo” and being able to create sound environments and design assets with a futuristic theme was a delight. The design of the game also involved re-recording and editing, according to needs, certain voiceovers from some NPC.

Actually, the scenarios, models, textures, lighting and overall design of the game are very elaborate and it looks very good to be the result of the work of such a small team.