After taking the step of self-producing my own EP I felt able to participate in other projects. The idea of being able to contribute my music in the creation of more complex works was very attractive to me and since I had some friends who were professionally dedicated to the world of videogame development, I offered myself directly to them to collaborate in any project where they needed a musician.

This is how I was given the opportunity to be part of the Astroctopus project. A video game for mobile devices that, although it was never published, gave me the opportunity to get in touch with professionals in the sector and begin to understand how a small development team works, learn about the work carried out by each of its members and begin to familiarize myself with important concepts.

My duties as a composer and sound designer on the team led me to perform the following tasks:

- Compose loops and music fragments for the menu, start, action phase, game over.
- Production of almost 30 sound effects through audio editing.

It was really a challenge to compose and produce something without my guitar taking the reins. In fact the main melody came directly from my modest keyboard. But above all, having to “dress” a product that was not mine with music and sound was something very novel.

Another important technical challenge was to be able to produce loops without cuts in MP3 format without clicking or cutting when linking the repetitions due to the peculiarities of this format that generates micro-silences at the beginning. Achieving this after much searching for information and tests was a great satisfaction.

Although the team disbanded before finishing it, this collaboration was very enriching, motivating and would lead to future work with some of the team members.

With the game canceled and without a team, the next step seemed clear to me.