(Audiovisual montage created using gameplay images and sound produced for the game)


In May 2014, José Manuel García Franco, Director of the Master of Video Game Development at the U-Tad Technological University, with whom I had already had the opportunity to work at Sokoh Studios, proposed to participate as a musician in the project of one of the groups. of the master.

My job is to compose the music and design the sound for a fantastic Tower Defense style game with colorful 3d art for mobile devices.

As a composer and sound designer my tasks were:

- Composing music with orchestral instrumentation and according to the aesthetics of the game for 5 different scenarios.
- Compose music and musical effects on the same line for loading, menu, start, win and lose, pause and resume.
- Design almost 50 sound effects through audio editing (the engine used did not encourage the use of midleware solutions).
- Make sound and musicalize a game presentation animation for the defense of the project.
- Record the sound production in the appropriate documentation.
- Maintain constant communication with the development team.

It is a project that I am very proud of artistically, because I put all my creativity at stake. It was very satisfying to work with the team and try to respond to their criticism and improvement comments for every proposal I presented to them. So the result was the product of teamwork.

Although the intention was to publish the game, it could not be done due to some technical problems with the final versions. Participating in this end-of-master project was a tremendously exhilarating experience and elevated my abilities as manager of the sound section in a game to a higher level. The experience of working with creative and motivated people was wonderful and as it began to be a constant, it made me meet people with whom I would work again in the future.


These are the musical themes that I composed for each of the stages:


These other musical themes belong to the intro and to the credits.