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Flammy´s Roulette – R. Franco DIGITAL

Recreativos Franco is a prosperous Spanish company with a long history that began its journey in the arcade and betting machine business in 1965. It is practically impossible to have grown up in Spain without having seen its machines in action.

Although this type of machine still has its users, the company has managed to adapt to the new online business model.

A specific department, directed at that time by Miguel Ángel Lázaro for these purposes, wanted to have the support of several external musicians for some of his projects and I had the opportunity to be one of them.

My position in this project was that of composer and sound designer of the soundtrack of a 40-second promotional animation video in which I endeavored to integrate some of the game's own musical and sound effects into my composition.

Working with R. Franco's fabulous team was a great opportunity to grow as a sound designer and gain experience in the world of animation.