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The 80's are in fashion and that is why I was not surprised that this time Sara asked me for a new project for a new composition that remembered the style of movies and series from that time.

The idea on paper was very good, but when I could begin to see how all the art was integrated: various sets and settings; the friendly characters, the great sound effects of Javier Zúmer and my dynamic music; Then I realized that I was looking at a perfectly designed game. A real game room for the little ones.

My job in this case was to offer the characters (three birds, a wolf and a pig) dance music for their musical show on stage. The vocal interventions on the microphone and on the electric guitar that they have (we have) at their disposal, season the music and give it enough variety to have a good time.

I worked on Cubase and fmod and used both real instruments (guitars) and sound libraries in the production of music that replicate the instrumentation of certain eighties songs.

Did I say I love this game?