YouTurbo was an ambitious project that involved implementing very new concepts on well-known driving mechanics, added to a very important effort of organization and work with a large group of successful Youtubers: ELRUBIUSOMG, DaniRep, WillyRex, ITOWNGAMEPLAY, THEGREFG, FOLAGOR, ELRINCONDEGIORGIO, Zar , NEXXUZHD, Bersgamer, Alvaro845, Lele, ...

Due to the game's own design and the presence of some video clips in which youtubers commented on the player's progress through the levels in full action, the music that was considered necessary during the game could not be very invasive, since it ran the risk that together with the sound effects it would prevent understanding what the youtubers were saying to the player.

So as a composer and sound designer I had several tasks:

  • Carry out research and documentation tasks to obtain references at various stages of production.
  • Composing more than ten music loops in different styles with a rhythmic component.
  • Compose a main theme for the game menu.
  • Design more than 200 sounds for engines, weapons and various game assets.
  • Keep a documented control of sound production.
  • Attend control meetings.
  • Maintain communication with the team.

Without a doubt one of the most laborious and fun jobs was to translate the characteristic humor of each youtuber at the sound level.

I must point out that the latter was a tremendously enriching sound design exercise for me, since it was sometimes necessary to mount relatively sophisticated projects on the music editor to emulate soundtracks, video game music, create sound environments or musical effects, however brief they were.

From this experience I greatly optimized my workflow and added some techniques that I still use.

Working together with a team made up of dozens of extraordinary professionals in a project that WAS No. 1 DOWNLOAD IN 17 COUNTRIES was a turning point in my career.