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Just one month before the end of my collaboration at Apollo Pioneer, one of the team members, Víctor Fernández, told me that there is a vacancy as a musician in the indie development group to which he belongs and that he thought that I could fit into the team.

At that time the project "The cycle" was frozen and I did not belong to any other development team. On the other hand, the experience of working at Apollo Pioneer with Victor and the others had been very good. Gazpacho Games, directed by Javier Carpio, was an indie development group with some success and aspirations to consolidate it with its next and ambitious psychological thriller CAIN.

I collaborated with Gazpacho Games for almost 2 and a half years. During all that time we focused on the production of CAIN and partially on that of another game.

My role at Gazpacho Games was that of composer and the tasks I carried out were as follows:

- Participate in a team with a well-organized methodology similar to scrum.
- Compose 2 original songs for the game. A main theme and a blues.
- Composing developable ideas for cinematics.
- Transcribe the scores.
- Program dynamic music on fmod that responds to different situations and areas of the game.
- Prepare documentation related to the design of the game's music.
- Participate in weekly meetings
- Prepare testing material.
- Manage Perforce.
- Manage job registration tools.

Despite the fact that we made significant progress in development thanks to the talent and commitment of all those who worked from different points on the map, the conditions that allowed the group to continue changed and the project could not be completed.

Each minute dedicated to CAIN was an enjoyment, it was full of enthusiasm and made me grow as a professional enormously. I have a great relationship with all members of the team and I do not miss the opportunity to work with them whenever I am introduced.

These are some pending ideas to develop that I composed for certain moments of the game in which kinematics that evoked memories of the protagonist had to be activated.

The following are two songs composed for CAIN. One for a specific moment in the game and the other designed to interact with objects on the scene (Ángel Partearroyo sings).