I have a great interest in participating in film productions I and I have dedicated a good part of my time to training for it. Courses, workshops, reading and practices in various styles have been present from the beginning in my activity as a composer. Nor have I lost the opportunity to compose to sound animations, intros or any material that requires music adapted to the image

Unidos para Siempre 2018) is a very disturbing horror short film, in which the supernatural is mixed with the psychological.

I worked with Nacho in the composition of his soundtrack in a very close way. He was very clear about what he wanted to achieve on a conceptual level and we got to sit down together to work on the score on several occasions. It was unusual for me, as I am very used to interacting with who I work with, receiving criticism and iterating over it, but I have never composed with the interested party in front, receiving and responding to that feedback so immediately.

It is true that this work was carried out based on a fairly mature proposal, but without a doubt the influence of this process is there and can be heard.

I also participated in the sound postproduction of the short film.

The short has been submitted to various competitions, but is not currently openly published.

I include links to the trailer and some snippets of sequences and music composed for the short with the permission of the director.

With Unidos para Siempre I sign my first job as a music composer in a short film.