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EL CICLO - El Secreto de Widow lake

El Ciclo – El Secreto de Widow Lake –  (Leo Rodríguez)

Leo Rodríguez is a versatile artist who authored the series of books "El Ciclo". For years he has been an expert in network security and a programmer.

At the end of 2013, he published an offer to team up and turn his series into a video game. I was looking for graphic artists but their idea was ambitious and very different from what I had done until then, so I offered to join the team.

Following detailed planning, the 9 person team worked for over a year. A quite elaborate stage was built, with elements of the landscape and buildings belonging to the town where the story takes place and certainly sophisticated characters were modeled. But in the absence of a stable team, the project was frozen indefinitely.

During the production time in which I participated in the project, my role as a composer and sound designer gave me the opportunity to:

- Investigate and study musical references.
- Composing several musical themes.
- Create musical environments.
- Integrate all sound and music assets on stage.
- Edit sound.
- Design sound assets in UDK: car engines, varied footsteps of people and animals, sounds of electrical devices, doors, windows, cracks, crawling objects, knocks, clinks, roaring fire, skids, murmurs, ambient sounds, ...
- Manage the Unreal Engine 3 development engine and its UDK editor.
- Document the sound production.
- Attend telematic meetings.

It is in this project that I make contact with UDK to program sound events without any code and in a simple way and I begin to probe the possibilities of dynamic music.

Later, Leo worked on the migrated to UE4, an engine that was released in March 2015 and it was decided to use the material in the production of an animated film also based on the book series. But this is something that has not yet been carried out.