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During my training as a guitarist, I had already felt the impulse of the composition and some relatives even encouraged me to follow it, maybe in another room. But the truth is that at this point I could not consider myself a "prolific composer". On the other hand, overcoming the barrier of exposing myself by showing my music to others was something that did not attract me much.

However, at that point in my life I came to the conviction that beyond how my music could be valued, to hide it was to hide myself and therefore not exist. So I put together all the composite material that seemed appropriate to me and set out to produce “Through the Guitar,” a set of guitar pieces composed by myself between the ages of 19 and 33, to which I added an orchestral arrangement with the media and the knowledge you had recently acquired.

I published this EP in 2011 through various digital stores. To the tranquility and satisfaction of my dying future self, the result was an immense echo of world indifference.

But there was no turning back.