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Years after our first “meeting” we meet again to review the Trap Ball title. An action, puzzle and skill game that challenges you to finish your patience.

I was not lucky enough to participate in the development of the original version published in 2012, which had a good acceptance among the most hardcore players. It demanded nerves of steel, extreme patience, or little appreciation for the integrity of your device. The game, initially published for Android devices, came to have a version for Xbox 360.

My task, in this 2020 review, has been to design new sound effects and compose a new main theme and other musical excerpts.

Both in the design of the sound effects and in the production of the music, I have intensively used the powerful Massive synthesizer.

Working closely with Tono has allowed me to become familiar with programming environments that I had barely touched, such as Android Studio and development tools for version management such as Github. This has given me a lot of freedom to implement changes and test versions quickly.

And best of all ... with new projects underway!